Keller Offers

What Are IBuyers?

What is an iBuyer? iBuyers are companies that make offers on houses with the goal of providing an efficient, quick sale and making a profit on resale.

What is Keller Offers? Keller Offers is the exclusive iBuyer for Keller Williams, powered by Offerpad.

Why use Keller Offers? Keller Offers provides the unique opportunity to investigate iBuyer options while still having a trusted advocate in your KW agent.

Do I still need an agent? Yes! Every seller should have an expert to guide them through the sales process and help them weigh their options.

What’s next? Your Keller Offers Certified iBuyer Expert will walk you through the process.

How The Process Works!

  1. INTENT: You & Your Agent Decide to Request an Offer | We will consult you about whether your house is a good fit for iBuying.
  2. START: We Will Prepare an Offer Request | We will walk you through the paperwork needed to get the process started.
  3. HOME STATUS: We Will Work with You to Present the House | We will go over your home’s condition, and we’ll take photos so that Keller Offers can make their initial considerations..
  4. RESPONSE: Keller Offers Will Respond within 72 Hours | We will monitor for the offer response. If made, the offer can be accepted during a 7 day period.
  5. INITIAL DECISION: You Decide Whether to Proceed | If you decline the offer, you’ll go to the market as normal. If you accept, the process continues.
  6. CONTRACT: While Under Contract, There is an Inspection, a Walk-Through, and a Few Other Contingencies | As with any transaction, there are contingencies, and your agent will walk you through them.
  7. TIMING: You Get to Choose Your Moving Date | You can choose your closing date, and even stay in the house up to 3 days after closing.