1. Formal Dining Rooms are Back! 

Bold patterns and colors are in! And homeowners are applying them to their dining rooms. The dining room doesn’t have to be only for holidays anymore. Homeowners are bringing artwork and beautiful light fixtures to this once forgotten room.

2. Don’t Forget About the Laundry Room

Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be drab! In decades past, the powder room was where homeowners would show their fun side, this space generally is small enough to complete a cohesive idea or theme. These days homeowners are showing their creativity in the laundry room with playful patterns, chalkboard walls, creative solutions for storage, bright inviting color palettes, and even themed wallpaper. That’s right…wallpaper is back…in a big way!

3. Say Goodbye to White Kitchens

White kitchens have dominated the home market for a really long time. It was time for a change! Say goodbye to those white kitchens and welcome those light grays, gorgeous blues, and soft hues. Introduce “splashes” of wood to break up those all-white cabinets. These are great to show up in drawers, countertops, open shelving, and pullouts. If you need to start out slow…start with wood grain pullouts. You’ll be on-trend and it won’t break the bank.

4. Speaking of Wood… 

Farmhouse sinks are getting a friend in on-trend kitchens this year…and that’s coming by way of wood range hoods! These warm woods make a BIG STATEMENT and can bring any kitchen into the styles of 2020.

5. Floating Vanities 

We could all use some more space in the bathroom. Right?
Floating vanities are being utilized for their minimal look to make many bathrooms have a contemporary feel. And now you have more floor space!

6. A Bench in the Bathroom 

It doesn’t have to be a bench, stools and window seats work as well! Bathrooms are more spa-like than ever and it would make sense that you would want somewhere to sit as you enjoy some alone time.

About the Author

Prior to selling real estate, Brenda worked in the mortgage industry for over twenty years. She worked for companies such as Freddie Mac and HomeBanc in numerous capacities from underwriter to executive management. Her thorough knowledge of the mortgage industry is an asset in these times of stricter loan qualifications. Brenda's commitment to continual education keeps her on the cutting edge of current market conditions and trends.

Her professional confidence and easy going style comforts clients through this sometimes stressful situation. Brenda is committed to negotiating the absolute best deal for her sellers.