Agents: Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

The benefits to working with a Real Estate Agent are plentiful. Certainly there may be some attractive qualities to selling or buying “by owner”. However, I assure you those perks are easily outnumbered by the many positives a real estate agent provides the client. Whether you’re selling a property, looking to buy a home, or both, you’ll find that working with an agent can save you time, money, hassle and stress (even long term).  “How can you save, if you have to pay the realtor?” you ask.  There are a number of ways a realtor will save you money, both in the short term and long term.

From advice to service connections, a real estate agent will give you knowledge and information to guide you in the process of home buying or selling, making the experience as painless as possible.  From experience, buying our first home was an easier process than buying our first car! That won’t be the same for everyone, but the right realtor can certainly put your mind at ease.

A realtor will share local market advice.

Listing with an Agent

A real estate agent provides expert advice for the local area.  A homeowner is naturally biased toward their own home, often overselling or underselling the home. Realtors offer an accurate and unbiased view of pricing in the area.

Your home will post on (MLS). MLS is a web based search engine that increases home exposure and provides more connections to potential buyers.

Overall, with a realtor, you go confidently into discussions with potential buyers.  Negotiations are quite often uncomfortable and out of the average person’s comfort zone.  A real estate agent will guide you through the negotiation process,

Buying with an Agent

Having an agent to help you with the buying process is valuable in more ways than just one.  Like using a listing agent, it can reduce your stress and increase your profits or money saved.

Agents have access to home listings that are not available to the public.  MLS is not only to your advantage as a seller, but it is also an essential tool to a buyer.  Access to more homes in the area, previews of homes in pictures, and detailed lists of home features are all available through MLS.

An agent will connect you with mortgage lenders, attorneys, and other service providers necessary in the purchasing of a home. Negotiations are also smoother and more effective with a realtor to serve as a liaison. The abundance of paperwork required for the purchase of a home is not something to tackle without a professional.  Realtors know the legal guidelines and requirements with paperwork and take care of the heavy lifting.

Interview real estate agents identify a good fit.

Choosing an Agent

There are many real estate agents out there and available to you.  They all have strengths and qualities they bring to the table.  Finding a realtor that is right for you and your situation is the biggest key to success.

  • Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for names of real estate agents that they have used or know of.
  • It’s essential that you find an agent that is local. The more established and connected with the area you are looking to buy in, the better.
  • Do a little bit of studying about a potential realtor’s experience.  More important than the number of years of buying and selling homes, focus on the reputable and reliable experience they have (or haven’t) had.
  • Inquire about:
    • typical list price-sale price ratio
    • average time it takes to sell a home, or find a home for a buyer and close the deal
    • past experience
    • local market
      • unique trends in the market you are buying/selling in
      • the agent’s knowledge of the area’s market
  • Begin the search for a real estate agent once you know your timeline to purchase or sell a property.  Even if you have some time, most agents will be happy to answer your questions and help you in those early stages of the process.

Other Perks

A realtor will create and produce essential paperwork.  Additionally, an agent will draft various agreements that are also must-haves for the closing of a home.  An agent is well versed in legal jargon, particularly that around real estate. They know the rules and regulations front and back.  Regardless of the use of a real estate agent, it is necessary for someone knowledgeable to assist with paperwork for the home buying/selling process as well as the closing.  Typically the rules and legislation change from state to state, leaving a local real estate agent the best for the job.

Overall, find a good realtor. It will be worth your time and money!



About the Author

Prior to selling real estate, Brenda worked in the mortgage industry for over twenty years. She worked for companies such as Freddie Mac and HomeBanc in numerous capacities from underwriter to executive management. Her thorough knowledge of the mortgage industry is an asset in these times of stricter loan qualifications. Brenda's commitment to continual education keeps her on the cutting edge of current market conditions and trends.

Her professional confidence and easy going style comforts clients through this sometimes stressful situation. Brenda is committed to negotiating the absolute best deal for her sellers.