Curb Appeal – 6 Quick Fixes

curb appeal

You may remember our previous post about curb appeal last fall, sharing why it is important and some ways to improve it.  With spring finally here, we thought we would give you some DIY tips to increasing curb appeal this season.  With projects that are doable in just one weekend, you can spruce up your landscape in no time.

1. Paint the Front Door

A gallon of paint costs $30.  Spruce up the look of your whole house with a new front door color.  To choose a color, tape paint chips to the front door and look at the colors at various times of day.  Lighting changes the look of paint color, and the slightest change can be a big difference.  Once you narrow it down to two or three colors, paint small areas of the front door with the three colors.  View those in various lighting as well.

When you finalize your color choice, be sure to purchase the correct paint for the front door.  Use an exterior, glossy paint for the door. The paint used should coordinate with the primer, for instance latex-based primer and latex-based paint. Glossy paint makes important features, like the front door, stand out.  It also makes scratches and dings less noticeable. Sherwin-Williams has some good tips for painting the front door.

2.  Mow and Trim the Lawn

  • Take time to manicure your lawn.  Mow the lawn, trim the sides, and blow off any excess debris
  • Trim trees and bushes.
  • Create flower beds around trees. Clean out existing flower beds, leaving only new mulch and flowers.

3.  Clean

If you opt out of painting the front door, try scrubbing it.  Clean windows on the outside and the inside with your favorite window or glass cleaner. Remove, hose down, and reinstall window screens. Clean or pressure wash walkways and driveways as well (see below).

4. Walkways and Driveways

Line walkways with bricks or pavers. Pressure wash surfaces or spray off excess dirt with hose. Hardware stores have pressure washers to rent for approximately $40 a day.  They’re simple to use, and for a small area this option is much more cost efficient than hiring a professional to pressure wash.

5. Details

Upgrade or add various small items to the exterior of your home. Paying attention to these details makes all the difference.

  • Hang a new wreath on the front door. Create your own wreath to save costs. Even better- make this Magnolia Wreath for very little money by using magnolia leaves from a nearby tree.
  • Upgrade hardware on the front door with a coat of spray paint.
  • Install new house numbers.  Modern styles are available online and at nearby hardware stores.
  • Paint or stain garage doors, or add simple hardware to create a carriage house door look.
  • Hang a colorful birdhouse or hummingbird feeder.
  • Hang your garden hose on a hose hanger or use a large container with lid to store the house neatly.
  • Where furniture is visible in front (e.g. front porch), replace cushions with bright, colorful patterns.  Keep in mind that solid colors, particularly very dark or very light ones, will show pollen quickly.
  • Upgrade light fixtures by replacing them or spray painting them with a coat of fresh paint.
  • Paint existing window shutters or install new shutters to each window.

6. Mailbox

  • Replace your mailbox with one that has a new and unique style.
  • Keep your mailbox but replace the post it stands on with new wood. If you paint your front door, paint the post with a coordinating color.
  • Create or upgrade flower beds surrounding the mailbox.  Swapping out flowers creates a seasonal and fresh look.
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