Gift Ideas: Last Minute Shopping

Gift Ideas: Did You Procrastinate This Year?

Gift ideas for the last minute shopper. I’m sure you know someone, or a few “someones”.  If you don’t, you might be one yourself.  I’m also willing to bet that there are those of you that are planners, the type-A ones that make a list, check it twice, and have everything wrapped by December 15 (you know who you are.) But alas, even the plan-aheaders sometimes forget that one person on the list.  Maybe it’s an aunt that doesn’t visit often, or a second cousin that decided to show up at the last minute.  Regardless of the reason, we’ve all been in the same boat before.

Last minute gifts.  Even worse, needing a last minute gift after most of the stores have closed.  Sure, you could stop by Walgreens and grab a gift card (in the hopes that they’re open).  Starbucks is open on Christmas. You could jump in there and grab yourself a latte, while also grabbing a gift card with a holiday mug. Running errands on Christmas, however isn’t ideal, nor is it always possible.  It’s certainly not the best option.

Online Shopping

I have good news for you. 30% of all holiday shopping is done online by last minute shoppers, therefore you are not alone.  Luckily there are options to great gifts to purchase that keep giving throughout the year, or give at a later date, and you can grab those online from the comfort of your couch.

Try some of our ideas for your loved ones. Avoid the crowds, spend extra time with family, and check one more “to-do”off your list. Even better, there are several online shopping options that keep giving for a few months, sometimes even a year.

Subscription Boxes

Candy Club

For $20 a month, you can send your favorite friend with a sweet tooth something to satisfy their cravings.  Chocolates, sweets, and other candies are options you can choose to fill your box with.  A box of chocolate once a month? Sounds like my kind of gift!

*Get $15 off with code URBAN15.


Gift ideas for the makeup lover- these subscription boxes started several years ago with a limited selection of content.  The Birchbox is one of the first subscription boxes beginning in 2010.  At the time, there weren’t a ton of options for that type of gift. I loved getting the Birchbox. A pink box arrives in the mailbox with samples of beauty products that a customer wouldn’t typically try.  Purchase favorite items via the Birchbox online shop and receive $1 for every $10 spent as well as free shipping.

*Men’s and Women’s boxes available

*Get 20% off a women’s gift subscription using code HURRY20, and receive a gift certificate ready to print.

*Get 10% off a men’s 6-month subscription by using code MEN54. Men’s boxes are $10 a month for the basic plan- affordable and useful

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is also a longtime subscription box with a good reputation.  With a variety of options, Blue Apron ships you food a few meals for the week.  You do the prep work and throw it together, they do everything else.
*Gift cards can be purchased in the amount of a box, three boxes, or six boxes.  For example, $60 is the cost of one box with recipes and ingredients for two people and for one week.

Stitch Fix

Another familiar one, sends clothing to your house each month.  Your previously made deposit can be used towards the purchasing of new items from your box.  Each month, receive five unique new clothing items.  Choose what you want to keep within three days, and send back to Stitch Fix.

*Stitch Fix Men is now an option for the man in your life that needs more clothing options.


Popsugar is a feminine subscription box, offering hostess gifts, gifts for friends, other relatives and more.  Your go to for trendy things, Popsugar sends a new box each quarter with quality home decor, clothing, and accessories.

*$75 gets you the quarterly(1 shipment) subscription, discounted for a year (4 shipments) at $270

Gwynnie Bee

For $49 a month, Gwynnie Bee sends a monthly box of clothing for women sizes 10-32.  This box is a bit different than the others.  You can choose your favorites, where them, and return the others.  And you can try it for free for a month!


A gift idea for the one who has everything.  If you’re a wine drinker, you can always use more. If you don’t drink it yourself, a bottle can be given as a gift to a friend, or shared with a visitor.  Winc is a wine club with wine selections delivered each month.  They wines are based off of your favorites, after you’re asked more questions regarding your taste palette. This wine club is considered a favorite among many.
*Membership is free, purchase discounted bottles each month
*$25 off of your first order using a voucher

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a popular monthly box and low in price.  While it’s often listed for men, women can use it as well.  Dollar Shave Club sends you a new razor with a variety of shaving creams and other useful items.  A “restock box” is sent a month later for a bit more than the original starter kit cost.  Going forward, you must renew online.  The Dollar Shave Club also has options for showering and teeth brushing.

Basic Man

We all know men could use more socks, boxers, and undershirts.  Why not have them shipped monthly, and take the stress off your plate of remembering to pick up more?  Basic Man ships a set each month with color coordinated socks, underwear, and an undershirt. New color options are available each month.
*$19.99 with free shipping
*Code MSADOUBLE to get two for one in your first box.
Last minute shopping typically yields bigger spending, but good deals are still possible! Before you shop, check out our post on how to save money this holiday season.
Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!
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