Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

small kitchen space

Small Kitchen Solutions

Small kitchens leave you very little room to actually use them as a kitchen.  Simplify, brighten, and declutter are must-dos in any small kitchen.  Declutter and simplify? Seems like these are two impossible things, and in a kitchen of all places! With so many gadgets and utensils, in addition to the food, it can seem pretty hopeless.

The good news is, there are solutions.  Some are creative and require thinking flexibly, but these solutions work and will make your small kitchen a happy and functional space.

Optimize Space

  • Add additional shelving in large cabinet spaces. Stackable wire shelves are perfect for cabinet spaces with a lot of height.
  • Stacking shelves can also be used on counter tops to display mugs, bowls, and even items for coffee.
  • Organize small, loose items in pantries into baskets.  Use clear containers or label with contents to keep things in place.
  • Get large items out of the cabinets and into other storage areas.  Use empty walls to store cutting boards, flat pans, and plates. Use ceilings to hang pots, skillets, and other large items with handles (See picture above)
  • Stair step shelving pieces for cabinets are helpful for residents to view what is in the back of the cabinet without sifting through and taking everything out.
  • Use the inside of cabinet doors when possible to create more workspace counter space.

Get Creative

In my own kitchen, I have limited space due to no pantry. I use several cabinets for pantry space, but have less room for other kitchen supplies.  I have some creative solutions that work well (found after a few years of trial and error).

Here are some of my favorite items:

  • These magnetic spice containers fit on the side of a refrigerator without taking up a ton of room.  You can fit a majority of your main spices in them, and with two openings, you can easily use them to sprinkle various amounts of seasoning.
  • 3 compartment racks like these  work well for me to hold lids to pots.  The racks are small enough to fit on a shelf above pots and pans, but wide enough to hold two lids in each compartment.
  • With limited pantry space, clear containers hold frequently used food items, or those with odd shaped packaging.
  • Magnetic knife strips like this one can clear up counter space for utensils and knives. Hang these on a wall, but be sure to hang up high, or out of reach of little kids or pets.

Transforming Tiny Spaces

A few easy Do It Yourself Projects add a ton of storage space into small unused areas.  For instance, a rolling pantry is made to fit between your refrigerator and a wall or counter space. Store canned goods and other slim boxes of dry food by tucking them away into this unsuspected place.

If you’re not handy, this storage item is not a Do It Yourself adventure, but you can use it for quite a bit of storage in a small area.

Lighten and Brighten

Brighten the kitchen and make it appear bigger with light colors like a neutral light grey, off white, or khaki. The kitchen can also be a place to get more creative and daring with color.  Make a bold statement with an emerald green accent wall.

A small kitchen can also be made to look bigger and brighter with some of our own tips.  Add lights, mirrors, and fresh flowers to make the space cheerful. We know your kitchen will look fabulous when you’re clutter free!


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