More Common Bathroom Problems: Part II

bathroom problems

Our last post covered many common problems homeowners run into with bathrooms in a home.  Those problems were primarily maintenance problems, or issues involving function of the bathroom.  This week, we’re posting ideas and solutions for keeping bathrooms looking their best. If you’re putting your house on the market, there are some quick and easy fixes we have that can make that older bathroom of yours sparkle like new.  

There’s nothing worse than a potential buyer seeing a stained or dirty bathroom.    Prioritize those pesky bathroom spots like tile grout and cracking caulk.

Bathroom Stains and Spots

Dirty or yellowing grout is a big problem when it comes to looks of your bathroom. If you’re getting ready to sell, don’t skip this step of deep cleaning or repair.

Discolored, loose, or peeling caulk looks dingy and can ruin the entire look of a bathroom.  Not only does it look bad, but caulk is in place to stop water from seeping into areas it shouldn’t be.  If left without repair, water that finds its way behind drywall and other areas will create mold and mildew as well as rot.

Baking soda is a nice alternative to chemicals when cleaning bathrooms and ridding an area of stairs. Try wetting the surface with a sponge, sprinkling baking soda, and then scrubbing in circular motions.  Baking soda will whiten a dingy surface and leave it sparkling clean without stains.

Bathroom Use

Moisture build up on the walls or vents in your bathroom is a good indication of a lack of ventilation.  Fans or ventilation systems can be relatively easy to install if you’re somewhat handy with tools. If you’re unsure, call a handyman to do the job.  If you have an existing fan or ventilation system, try getting the duct system cleaned out. For under $400, you can get your home’s duct system cleaned, creating better flow and ventilation throughout your home.

There are very few people that can’t relate to a lack of bathroom storage.  Get creative with baskets and over the toilet floating shelves. Back of the door hooks can store towels when not in use, and hooks inside of cabinets can store hair appliances.

Laundry on the floor clutters up a bathroom and makes it instantly look unkempt and messy.  Keep a small basket with a lid in the bathroom for laundry. If you don’t use the back of the bathroom door for towels, there are hampers that can hang from the door, and leave you more floor space.

When to Call a Professional

There are some things you really just shouldn’t mess around with on your own.  We suggest you call a plumber if you have any of the following bathroom issues:

  • Water temperature problems- There are a few causes of water temperature fluctuation in a shower. Check your hot water heater for any visible problems like a burned out pilot light on a gas heater, or a tripped circuit on an electric heater.  If the water temperature problem is not an easy, obvious fix, contact a plumber.
  • Sewer smells- try snaking the drain for any clogs, and check for standing water from leaks.  If you can’t locate the source of the smell, or if the odor persists, call a plumber. You will want to do this to avoid further repairs and greater problems down the road.
  • Low water pressure- try replacing the shower head, or using a descaling solution to rid the fixture of lime build up and soap scum.  If that doesn’t do the trick, give a plumber a call.

Your home is bound to have something on one of these lists of bathroom problem solutions. Make it a weekend project, or tackle it today!

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